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Psoriasis: A tale that starts from within

Though psoriasis patches appear on the skin, the disease actually starts inside the body. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to send out faulty signals, which makes skin cells multiply faster than normal.

Psoriasis: A build up of skin cells

An overactive immune system causes skin cells inside the body to multiply faster than normal, leading to inflammation.

As skin cells build up, they appear on the skin as red, raised patches.

The cells die and take on a silvery, scaly look associated with psoriasis.

Though there’s no cure for psoriasis, there are treatment options that can help make it easier to live with.

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Facts and figures on psoriasis

Psoriasis affects both men and women

Psoriasis can strike at any age

1 million people in Canada have psoriasis

125 million people worldwide have psoriasis

90% of people with
have plaque psoriasis (the most common form)


Thick, red skin




appears on



Lower back



Did you know?

According to a study conducted in the U.S. by the National Psoriasis Foundation, 52% of people were dissatisfied with their psoriasis treatment. Find the right treatment for you

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